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Nancy Drew Series Book Review

Updated: Mar 23

Category: Apple Blossom-a story that seduces you

Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Middle grade

Nancy Drew was the series I couldn’t put down when I was younger. While it wasn’t the book that got me into reading, it was the book that kept me reading and reading and reading until my mom told me I had to read at least one other book in between each Nancy Drew story. It is so important to read characters who not only look like you but represent the kind of you a young girl could grow up to be. I can think of no one better for little Shea than the brave and smart Nancy Drew. Now I can’t say for sure that she’s the reason I value these traits, but I can say that I will be reading these books to my niece when she’s old enough.

If you’ve never had the honor of holding one of these bright yellow hardbacks in your hands, then let me introduce you. Nancy Drew is about a young sleuth who finds clues, often getting herself in and out of dangerous situations, in order to solve the mystery. She doesn’t let anyone scare her out of solving the case, nor does she let people stop her because she’s a woman. There’s no sense in these books of what Nancy Drew can’t do; only that she won’t give up until she’s figured out the riddle and solved the case.

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