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Poet X Book Review

Category: Snow Flower-a story that takes you on a journey Genre: Fiction, Young Adult

You know I am an avid reader, but this is one book you want to buy on audio. There is something so special about hearing an author read her work aloud. But it is some other kind of magic to hear Elizabeth Acevedo as the National Slam Poetry Champion reading her award-winning book of poetry. Poet X is a work of fiction told entirely through verse. The poet is Xiomara, or “X” as her friends call her, and her voice rises from the story like she’s speaking directly to you. She’s got something to say, and regardless if you are a twenty-something white girl or a fifty-something black man or another fifteen-year-old Dominican, you will understand. You will remember the heart flicker of virgin crushes. You will remember the sinful excitement of doing something your parents expressly forbid. You will remember the anguish of not being seen by those who love you most. You will remember the stone-cold isolation of feeling like you don’t have a voice. And so you will cheer with Xiomara as she navigates high school and takes that first step in learning how to speak her truth. This story is a gift if you'll let Acevedo place it in your hands with the bow still intact. It's up to you, whether with trembling hands, you'll untie the knot and let yourself breathe for the first time. It's up to you to hear her truth and thereby remember yours. As she blossoms into the Poet X, give yourself permission to realize what it will take to become who you really were meant to be. To purchase this book, support your local, independent bookstore and check out Crawford's Books.(Yes, they sell audio as well!)

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