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The Song of Achilles Book Review

Welcome to another Crawford’s “Mysteries and More!” Book Club Novel Review. Novels read in book club will fall into the following categories: Detective (crime is solved by a detective/police officer), Cozy (no violence), Caper (told from the criminal’s POV), and More (not strictly a mystery)! Mysteries will be reviewed based upon the crime taking place, the intrigue of the information that gets revealed, the relative success of red herrings, and the satisfaction of the ending.

Category: More! Apple Blossom-a story that seduces you

Genre: Fiction, Historical Fiction

We all know the story of Achilles. But who was Achilles before he became the savior of the Greeks? How did his parents love him? What were his favorite pastimes as a child? Whom did he love? In The Song of Achilles, Madeline Miller gives us the love story we didn’t know we were craving. With her incredible knowledge of both The Illiad and Greek mythology, she gives us a spellbinding novel of the Trojan War from the perspective of someone we’ve never heard from—Achilles’ lover, Patroclus. This book has everything: an endearing narrator, a mesmerizing protagonist, an alluring trickster and guardian, and compassionate mentors who all come together in the retelling of one of the greatest war stories in history. Madeline’s turns of phrase are uniquely fresh, pulling you into her world and making you forget that you are reading.

Pick up your copy soon. The Song of Achilles is Crawford's Books May Book Club pick. Grab your copy today and then join the virtual meeting on May 13th, from 6:30-7:30pm.

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