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Writing Tip: Shea's Editing Guide

I am in the process of getting Dance With Me ready for publication, which means, you guessed it, time for more editing. But whereas in the past, edits would have given me a brand new version of the book, the edits this time are shoring up all the little details that make my book presentable, that make it possible for the reader to fall into the story and not worry about the mechanics of how I am telling the story.

Sprinkled throughout my blog are numerous editing tips I have learned the hard way—through trial and error on each of my 12 drafts, through editor suggestions, and through my own research on how to tell a better story—but now I’d like to place all these writing tips into one place.

Here you will find Shea’s Editing Guide to help you, right at the beginning with the completion of your first draft and until the end with publication. Instead of needing to remember that witty title I used a year ago, use this page on my blog as a map to find the posts that will be most helpful to you in your journey. It will be here for you whenever you need it.

Because let’s face it. None of these edits are 1-and-dones. I can’t tell you how much work I’ve done strengthening a character in Draft 5 to find in Draft 9 that I cut a substantial amount of scenes and now that character needs to be reworked. Or how much work I did cleaning up my dialogue to find a hastily written piece of dialogue messing up an otherwise perfect scene. The editing never ends, dear friends, but here's some guidance on how to make it a little easier!

*If there is a hyperlink, that means the post is published. Please don’t hesitate to let me know what you think this list is missing or if you need me to hurry up already and write the post you need the most!

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