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Writing Tip: Time to be engaged

Engage with the writing community. There are days where you won’t feel inspired. We yearn for the good times of writing, where everything else fades and there’s nothing between you and your words. Only once the final thought has been answered do you release your breath and realize that you’re hungry, thirsty, and it’s been hours since you last realized your story wasn’t the real world. Let’s face it, most of the time we sit down to write will not live up to our fantasy of what writing should be like. For that we need community. I’ve suggested finding a writing group, but I’d also like to recommend finding your community on social media. I’m just beginning my foray into this world and have a lot to learn, and I’m excited to do so from other writers. Here’s a few I’ve found. Check them out and then send me your favorites! We can all rise by supporting each other.

@anyawritess She’s got quite the arsenal of writing support! Her posts include writing tips like “Showing versus telling,” world building tips like “How to use a gun,” logophilia like “Unusual words and their meanings,” and publishing help like “How to structure a query letter.”

@thejasminewomack Writing Coach and entrepreneur, Jasmine offers the support you need to believe in your work and the platform to help you achieve success.

AutoCrit Author Community A Facebook Group that connects authors at all levels

Bookaholics A Facebook Group that connects avid readers

Anniqua Rana's blog joining writers around the world in community

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